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Life is all about enjoying the moment and retirement gives you a golden opportunity to create a lot of memories with your loved ones or solo. In your journey to make it lifelong memorable, airlines will help you fly on a budget. For that, popular airlines provide you with senior travel deals including multiple benefits such as lowest-priced flights, accommodation benefits, car rentals, cruise benefits, and much more. However, it becomes more important how you find the travel discount deals and leverage the same. This page by Travodeals will let you know everything about senior travel deals.

What are the Benefits of Senior Travel Deals?

Different airlines provide different travel discounts and related perks. However, some common benefits are listed below:

  • Senior travel discounts may get you sometimes 30-40% discount and if it’s festival time, you can even get a discount of up to 70%.
  • There are chances you might get the benefit of car rentals and accommodations with senior travel discounts.
  • Many airlines provide vacation packages with popular destinations under senior travel discounts.
  • Senior discount also comes with cruises and group tours that senior citizens can take the benefit of.
  • You can even get the benefit of lounge access where seniors can relax before the flight departure.
  • Airlines also provide free inflight dining & beverage facilities and inflight entertainment.

Senior Flight Deals   Book Senior Flight Deals

What are the Airlines providing Senior Travel Discounts?

Many airlines want their senior citizen passengers to enjoy their retirement. That's why they provide different senior travel discounts so that they can fly on a budget:

United Airlines

United Airlines provides senior discounts on some of its flights under Silver Wings Plus - A senior travel program for senior citizen passengers from the age of 55 and older. By enrolling in this program, passengers can take the benefit of buying flights on the lowest price offerings for themselves and a companion on international and U.S. roundtrip flights.

Air France

Air France takes care of its senior citizen passengers and wants them to fly with greater comfort. That’s why they provide senior discounts under Senior Pass providing numerous benefits that include flight discounts of up to 30%, flexible flight ticket options, flight change options, and refund options at a reasonable cost. 

British Airways

You can enroll in AARP membership in British Airways which provides multiple benefits with the lowest flight price offerings. Joining the membership program, you get the benefit of free seat selection 24 hours in advance, inclusive of 23kg or 51lb checked baggage allowance and many other additional benefits.

American Airlines

American Airlines provides senior discounts to passengers from the age of 65 and older. They can take advantage of the lowest flight price, lounge access, extra baggage allowance, and much more.

What are the ways to Get Cheap Senior Travel Deals?

Before you settle with heavy-priced flight options, you must look for multiple discount airfares for seniors. It is the perfect approach to get what’s best available in the market. Below are some of the ways you can get the senior discount:

  • You can sign in with the airline's newsletter to get regular updates on senior discounts. With exclusive citizen discount benefits, you can even get other flight offers and deals to take the benefit of.
  • To get regular information on senior discount deals, you can follow the airline’s social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It is a great way to stay connected with your favorite airline and get updates on each offer they are introducing.
  • You can follow the airline’s website and go through their offers regularly.

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