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During your student life, you want to explore the most and learn about the world as much as you can. Student discounts make it easier to achieve your goals to explore within budget. Popular airlines provide student discounts that you can take the benefit of. In this blog by Travodeals, you will get ideas on how to leverage the student discount the most.

Which Airlines offer the Best Student Flight Deals?

There are numerous airlines providing student discounts so that students can fly in-budget. Below mentioned airlines are some of the popular airlines you can refer for the same:

American Airlines

American Airlines provides student discounts you can take benefit of. They have huge discounts on AA flights while providing amenities such as extra baggage allowances, priority boarding, or lounge access. However, the benefits will depend on the flight type, route, and destination that you choose during the booking.

United Airlines

United Airlines provides student discounts through the United College Plus program. Students need to enroll in their program to avail themselves of benefits such as discounted flights, affordable pricing to popular routes, and many more.


Lufthansa is one of the popular airlines that also provides student discounts on a regular basis.  To avail of their discounted fare, you can subscribe to their newsletters or follow them on their social media pages. Students from 12 to 25 years old can benefit from student discounts.

Air Canada

You can choose Air Canada for your next flight as a student and avail of their exclusive student discount that not only provides affordable flight options, but also provides you additional amenities including baggage waivers, priority boarding, affordable packages on popular routes and destinations, and much more.


If you are choosing Emirates for your next flight, you can enjoy different flight discounts and one of them is a student discount. If you are between the ages of 16 to 31 years, you will get an exclusive student discount on your flight along with additional amenities. If you are booking with Emirates, you will get extra baggage allowances and flexibility to change your flight.

Student Flight Deals   Book Student Flight Deals

How to Snag Student Flight Deals?

Apart from getting direct deals from the airline, there are many ways you can opt to increase the possibility of getting student flight deals. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can look for student travel deals platforms that have curated student travel deals. You can explore platforms such as StudentUniverse, STA Travel, and ISIC.
  • Be flexible when it comes to choosing routes and layovers. This will help you in saving a lot for your budget.
  • To get the student discount, you will be required to present the documents that validate you as a student. It includes your Student ID, or any other document proving the same.
  • There is the possibility that you might find the student discount only on the official airlines’ website. In that case, you will not get the desired flight deals on any third-party websites.
  • There can be chances you might find two separate one-way flights cheaper than a roundtrip flight. So, when you are searching for a student flight discount, try booking two separate one-way flights.
  • You must keep on searching for student flight discounts and it is an ongoing process in case you are a travel enthusiast.

Getting student discount lets you explore the world with affordability. The above-mentioned information will help you to choose the best student discount offers. For more travel-related information, keep visiting Tavodeals.